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The citrus PEELER / SET OF 3

Easy to make the handheld tool, oranges and grapefruits ticker peeling, A Must Kitchen Gadget!

  • Package Includes 3 Simple to Use Peelers Plus 1 FREE
  • Makes Oranges and other Citrus Fruits Easy to Score then Peel
  • Pretty and Bright Orange Color
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water


Citrus Fruits Are Healthy
– A healthy diet may benefit from the inclusion of citrus fruits
– These fruits are very rich sources of vitamin c, a vital vitamin for a healthy body
– These fruits are also known as antioxidant fruits as they counter the harmful effects of free radicals
– Citrus fruit peel can be candied; fruit zest can be used to flavor a variety of recipes
The Citrus Peeler Scores Citrus Fruits for Ease in Peeling
– Citrus fruits, including oranges and grapefruits is made up of several juice sacs within larger sacs
– Because the fruit is delicate, penetrating and removing the tough exterior skin of the orange can be challenging
– People who try to peel citrus fruits with their fingers quickly find themselves in a sticky and messy situation
– The Citrus Peeler allows the skin to be quickly scored and easily peeled without damaging the fruit. Use the sharp edge of the peeler to score the skin of the fruit 4-6 times; the skin can then be peeled away from the fruit with the blunt edge of the peeler

Don’t Wait – Get Your Citrus Peeler by ORANJE KAT KITCHEN PRODUCTS Today! Below is best price we found;

The citrus PEELER / SET OF 3 plus 1 FREE: easy to make the handheld tool, oranges and grapefruits ticker peeling, A Must Kitchen Gadget!

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