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Starting your day with a good, nutritional breakfast will not only fuel you up for the day but also will help you staying healthy and fit.

25 Responses to Stay Fit with Healthy Breakfast

  • TheLeanMachines says:


  • Martin Wakelin says:

    More worried you only get up at 10:58 …

  • Martina Bright says:

    Suggestions for people without stoves?

  • Jane Fontein says:

    Thıs ıs very sımılar to a Turkısh breakfast. Tradıtıonally ıt ıs olıves,
    salad leaves, cucumber,carrots and yogurt salad, tomatoes, al kınds of
    peppers(we have many delıcıous peppers ın Turkey) and eıther cheese, eggs
    or sausage wıth olıve oıl on the table of course. I know that carrot and
    yogurt salad mıght sound strange, but ıt ıs really delıcıous :)

  • Jay Wilkinson says:

    Do you like fish sticks??

  • seb sutherland says:

    You guys are funny Man! I like your vids very creative lol

  • Aileen Tieu says:

    I didn’t hear the name clearly in the beginning, but I think thats John.
    Jim Chapman’s brother OoO

  • crusadershorts says:

    This is one of the best videos guys! I have this kind of breakfast with the
    poached eggs + greens (but with added fruit). I feel though I dont need to
    eat junk food and im already feeling more energetic throughout the day.
    Keep it up guys!

  • matroziite says:

    I have never made a pouch egg in my life. So I attempted to do it this
    morning. To save time I poured hot water in pan straight from the tap and
    put the pan on the flames. Created a whirlpool and cracked the egg… Only
    to realise that I haven’t brought the water to boil… Did some shopping
    later today as I only has one egg. Now I’m impatiently waiting for morning
    to try again. Lol.

  • Diego Alonso Chávez-Arroyo Merino says:

    U are skinny, and u are takin’ like 15gr of fat in the breakast and it
    seems like 10ml of olive oil, that means 8gr of fat more. 23gr of fat in
    the break fast is healthy for you? Ur beakfast have like 23gr of fat, 9gr
    of carbs and 24gr of prot. To much fat, its my opinion.

  • Elusive Lily says:

    That looks really tasty…too bad I’m sensitive to eggs and can’t eat them.
    You guys have any alternatives to eggs?

  • dieavila69 says:

    Hey guys, I love these type of videos, Specially since you guys mentioned
    that nutrition is a huge part of getting fit and actually loosing fat. Keep
    them coming.

  • Loulie Ta says:


  • Jorge Saenz says:

    That looks like one hell of a healthy breakfast, I believe I will be having
    that tomorrow for brunch! Toodles and cheers from Texas!

  • vitameen23 says:

    Is it bad to eat muesli with non fat milk and a little bit of honey or a
    banana every morning, cuz I hate eggs.

  • unknownchannel10 says:

    Another thing is that consumtion of milk, tea or coffee slows down the
    absorbation of the iron 🙂

  • MrMelonMan96 says:

    My breakfast is half a cup of raw oats with light milk, a banana, almonds,
    chia seeds, shredded coconut, a light drizzle of honey and any other seeds
    or muesli ingredients in the cupboard! 20 grams protein / 20 grams fat / 60
    grams carbs and it’s delicious!

  • hippyh24 says:

    It’s hard to diet when my bf only eats crap. Literally doesn’t like
    anything green, only veg he like ls is sweetcorn and that doesn’t even do
    anything for your body. Rant over lol this looked lovely x

  • MetalMilkMan says:

    Hey folks, any recommendations for someone who doesn’t eat eggs? I hate

  • iRemiGames says:

    Also want to know whether this is for one person… I’m guessing it is as
    there wouldn’t be too many calories in just 1 1/2 eggs 😛

  • Mariusz M says:

    its not for breakfast its for brunch!-personally for me its too much and
    and too heavy in the morning,i cant take more just one cup of coffe….my
    stomach cant take more stuff ;/

  • Ron Kaufman says:

    Hi Guys, It looks so great, I had to try it – and it was amazing!! Thanks a
    lot! Keep on with all those great videos, full of positivity and fun. You
    guys are awesome!

  • Nikita19901000 says:

    You can make me breaky John if you want haha. Oh and looks very nice 🙂

  • ProZeezo says:

    Coffee and Sheep Liver

  • Sarah Savage says:

    I get up at 5am and think it wud be unsafe for me to do that lol