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Kathryn Yeomans of the Farmer’s Feast demonstrates how to make a creamy risotto rice dish. Although it does take a little extra time, risotto is not difficult to make and it is healthy Italian rice recipe that most people would love.

4 Responses to Risotto Rice Recipe

  • Food Farmer Earth says:

    I was shocked at how easy it was to make, but pleasantly surprised once I
    saw how it was done – so delicious too! Hope you have a chance to make some
    yourself. =)

  • ScratchinMyAss says:

    I recently soaked some talipia in a cheap white wine with some smashed up
    onion, garlic and spices for about an hour before I fried it.. My wife said
    it tased like something that was made in a restraunt. I like this ladies
    approach, next time I will sip on some Jack Daniels while I cooking it.

  • Taleulah says:

    I’ve never seen Risotto cooked before. Thank you for sharing this. God

  • Andrew Woodhead says:

    helps if you can actually say the word. Its ITALIAN. Ri-zot-toh (Like Otto
    from Simpsons) not Riz-owh-towh. Fucking Americans butcher every language
    they come across.