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Bring a sweet touch to your reception with a dessert table. Amy Adams, dessert table designer, talks us through the secrets to a perfect dessert table at wedding. Create a wow dessert table at any party.

25 Responses to How to Create a Wedding Dessert Bar

  • Lexillionair1994 says:

    They aren’t scary, just nervous!

  • Banyormo says:

    I came here to check out creating a dessert bar, and came away with the
    secure knowledge that that lady in black was going to devour my soul if she
    ever got hold of me in a dark alley. Who, or what is she staring at? It’s
    completely unnerving!

  • Marla Summers says:

    I agree plumpumkin, she is scary looking with those bug eyes

  • Freesia17 says:

    How many times does the host say “Like” in this 5 minute video?!

  • PlumPumpkinCushee says:

    That blonde girl is terrifying

  • MonkeyBizShow says:

    – RSVP – You are cordially invited to stop by to enjoy ‘Monkey Business’
    S2E4, which focuses on the business of weddings. This episode looks at the
    average cost for: The dress, the ring, the reception venue, etc. Plus a
    quick peek at the world’s most expensive wedding cake. And some disco
    dancing. Need a laugh? See you there. Have fun! Here are some other MB
    episodes you might enjoy: MB S2E3 – Mysteries and Diamonds MB S2E1 –
    Mermaids Ahoy MB S1E23 – Grimsy MB S1E21 – Valentine’s Day

  • animeahiru says:

    This is so painful to watch.

  • Nandy Del Castillo says:

    The description says Amy Adams… hahahaha. She’s Amy Atlas.

  • alicay beaty says:

    i like to know, nestqick will get ratton if you are having an outdoors
    wedding and if you have sweets like that outdoors would it get aunts and
    all kind off bugs, what can we do for outdoors sweets

  • mainecoast54 says:

    That says amy adoms it should say amy atles

  • BlueChili7 says:

    I have seen 0.50 of this, and i am scared out of my mind. It is not natural
    to be this happy. Thay must be und drugs

  • axoxog says:

    It’s creepy how the blonde girl is staring somewhere else, at first I
    thought she was blind. Anyway, I also have an idea, if I may, instead of
    nesquick, if you’re doing an outside, summer event, u can use pink
    lemonade, cherry 7up, or strawberry kool-aid. 🙂

  • Sunaina Rathi says:

    Amazing your asome I ove

  • image69 says:

    Well at least the blonde girl is doing more with her life than complaing
    and criticizing .

  • edwardluvr10 says:

    the website is spelled beaucoup 🙂

  • lunargoddess2002 says:

    Lmao , man they really needed to have a script or something. lmao.

  • MochaSkies says:

    I noticed that too.

  • yadira alonso says:

    hi can you spell the name of the website where i can purchase the labels
    for the cups??? please

  • Florida Sun says:

    Lollll love the scripted speech, wish they read the script beforehand!
    Blond lady is super creepy as well lol

  • Jani K says:

    hi, it’s beau-coup

  • beautylover1342 says:

    Wait is this supposed to be a comedy?

  • rainbowcar85 says:

    OMG 0:13 her face! hahaahahh XD i want know her pusher!

  • AR052090 says:

    Anybody know how to calculate the dessert to guest ratio? For example, if
    there were 30 guests, how many desserts would we put in the dessert table?
    How many would we assume that each guest will take? Etc.

  • Nandy Del Castillo says:

    is that amy atlas?

  • Superior Sound Entertainment says: