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Gordon Ramsay cooking a simple and easily prepared, using common ingredients – the perfect meal. Here he makes Broccoli soup recipe, see Video.

25 Responses to Gordon Ramsay’s Broccoli Soup Recipe

  • John Higginbotham says:
  • GentleHeart001 says:

    Does anyone know how well this can be frozen? I work very odd hours and
    prefer to eat healthy and low calories.

  • abdulaziz alsayed says:

    Despite the taste of the soup, mixing the broccoli with its water is
    essential since vegetables lost most of its healthy benefits in the water
    they are boiled in. 

  • dana jaramillo says:

    What kind of cheese is that?

  • Henry Wong says:

    mine was too salty :(

  • bfestin says:

    Damme it .. watching it again makes me realise how smooth his soup is …
    Regardless, still taste good :)

  • clarinda9703 says:

    Just tired it! Turns out it taste amazingly yummy!

  • Astrakhan Vancouver says:

    Sometimes you want texture in purees and sieving them removes alters that.
    Just because you are at a college does not give you a decisive say on how
    to make soups or sauces. Cooking is about variety and experimentation more
    so than it is about professional standards.

  • Jahhshhdhdhdj says:

    I love his “mmmm” he always does.

  • Andrew McDermott says:

    I harvested 20 purple broccoli from my community garden bed, followed the
    recipe and the soup turned out amazing. Even though I rarely cook I’m
    inspired!! Thanks Gordon

  • masic78 says:

    gordon is a genius

  • TehMadCat says:

    Im guessing his blender does enough for him, we dont care about your
    background as it is insignificant.

  • Jamie Yeung says:

    Blimey, he put more pepper on the floor than on the goat cheese and stuff!

  • Jamie Yeung says:

    And he forgot to sieve it before serving, you must do that so you don’t get
    any little chunks of un blended broccoli come out, I know this as I’m
    currently doing professional cookery course at Uxbridge college, and you
    must always sieve soups and sauces.

  • Notasinglefukk Given says:

    You must be under a rock or mentally retarded if you never heard of GOAT
    cheese. He fucking said erk.

  • Ash Phillips says:

    4:36 “And I’m just going to get the pepper mill, and season…The Floor”

  • darklord2626 says:

    I made this exact recipe in foods class and I like broccoli and truly
    wasn’t expecting too much but it was amazing. I think chicken would ruin
    it. My only tip is add the broccoli broth to the blender in small
    increments so you can make sure the consistency is right. Other than that,
    add a drizzle of olive oil and a sliver of goat cheese to the mix, maybe a
    bit of salt after the soup is made, and you’re golden.

  • Tyler Poe says:

    Did anyone hear the woosh?

  • JaxHad says:

    “Great for vegetarians as well…Bless um” HAHA 3:05

  • mikedoesseo says:

    I love the simplicity…………..and I’m not trying to take away from
    that……………but would it be a good idea to add some shredded chicken
    to this??

  • Felivi says:

    I just finished making this, and mine is grainy even though I blended while
    it was still steaming. 😡 Still yummy though. 🙂

  • edm4r says:

    lol im making these because i just had my braces

  • Matic Pribicevic says:

    this ain’t good men! i try this shit and it is water whit fucking broccoli
    this is not a soup you it has no taste!

  • Aprilshowersss says:

    I make broccoli soup all the time. Just about any cheese goes great with
    it! grate some nice cheddar over it, or Parmesan or Romano. A thin slice of
    Swiss would also be great simply laid over top and allowed to melt. You
    could even just whip some cream (dont sweeten) and put a dollop of fresh
    whipped cream over top. You could put a dollop of greek yogurt or sour
    cream. You could also just mix some cream into the soup and mix it all
    making cream of broccoli soup YUM! Just play around with it.

  • Aprilshowersss says:

    That was just garnish. You can add whatever cheese or cream or whatever you
    want. Or serve it plain.