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This is by far the best and healthiest vegetarian pizza you will ever taste. Especially that its gluten and GMO free. Many kids and adults can not eat wheat gluten so having this recipe at gathering will satisfy both regular eater as well as kids and people who can not eat gluten. It is great for many ADD and ADHD kids from what personal nutritionist have told me.

18 Responses to Gluten Free Pizza-Vegetarian Style

  • FakingItSince93 says:

    I work in a pizza place.. It’s basically the same thing just
    healthier/different ingredients. Main difference is the dough.

  • LuvableNails says:

    wow!! I am speechless.. Great job.!! you are really good in cooking. Love
    the video, presentation and the pizza look professionally done.. I wish i
    could live next door. 🙂

  • mylotusred says:

    Made this last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about it since the
    video posted! The only change I made was only white rice flour (couldn’t
    find brown) and I added a tsp of garlic powder to the dough. It’s so good!
    Even my 5 year old son liked it, even though he was initially turned off by
    the pesto. Anyway, this was tasty and easy and I recommend everyone try it.
    (btw, I’m eating it as I write this!)

  • BrawnLamia says:

    I definitely wanna try it, hope I can find white rice flour in France

  • lolitalempicka1976 says:

    Mmmmm! Delicious!

  • Midnightezz says:

    That may be, it still tastes disgusting though when cooked. It is perfectly
    fine in its raw form, especially red onions, but cooked make me feel sick.
    We have a saying here in Sweden: “smaken är som baken delad sa han som
    vände skjortan bakfram” Which basically means that everybody’s taste is
    different and thats just great 😉

  • mansterkiddo thao says:

    Yumm. Looks good.

  • LOVE4NAILS says:

    Sooo Yummy *

  • tnjennjenn707 says:

    I don’t like cilantro either taste like dirty bath water (or what I would
    think it would.)

  • houri1987 says:

    Thank you for sharing the recipe. This is really something different and
    healthy too. I’ll definitely try! P.S. I don’t like cilantro too LOL

  • andreea ioana says:

    looks so yummy 😀 but i HATE cooked onion :)))))))

  • abbymichellexx says:

    I HATE cilantro… I mean haaaaatteeee cilantro. I’ll definitely have to
    try that pesto!

  • AmourInfinity says:

    I’d love to try this w/ Rice Mozzarella cheese. I’ve had rice flour crusts
    before but they were bland. Is there any way I can infuse flavor into the
    dough before cooking it? Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Sharon Collins says:

    I have been gluten-free for about 5 months(due to tummy issues) and am
    tired of cooking one meal for my family and another for myself. This is one
    we can all eat and enjoy!! One question, can you make the dough ahead of
    time and freeze it for later days? I would love to know. Thank you for the
    recipe. It’s going to be a real sanity-saver in my household!!

  • Lis13Mar says:

    I love cilantro lol… But this looks yummy. TFS!!!

  • alexa9likessoccer says:

    Thumbs up 🙂

  • Midnightezz says:

    OMG, me too, it is soooo disgusting! Thought I was alone in the hate for
    cooked onion ;-D

  • Anna's Nail Art, Beauty & Travel says:

    Research has shown onions to have strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory,
    and anti-allergic actions, as well as anti aging properties. It is the
    healthiest vegetable you can eat.