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Bean Salad Recipe – A Fresh, Healthy and Spicy Bean recipe

This recipe is from Rita and she explains how to make healthy bean salad recipe which has many health advantages.

Bean salad is a great way to get the health benefits from beans. Beans are a good source of protein, they’re full of fiber and are said to “pull” cholesterol out of your body.
This bean salad recipe has the fresh crisp flavor of summer with fresh peppers and corn. You’ll love the hint of chili and cumin – but don’t worry, you don’t have to make this bean salad recipe too spicy – you can make it to your taste by adjusting the seasoning.

This salad can be made with any type of bean. In this video, Rita uses Chick Peas, Kidney beans and red beans, but you could use any type. Black beans, white beans or red.

This simple salad gets some crunch from celery and chopped bell pepper, roasted corn as well as a few green onions. Rita always talks about “Cooking by Color”. A great way to get veggies in to your diet.

And of course, this video is full of kitchen tips to make your trip to the kitchen even easier.

Lightly seasoned with Cumin and Chili powder, this bean salad has a great southwestern flair. A light vinaigrette finishes off this delicious bean salad.

25 Responses to Bean Salad Recipe – A Fresh, Healthy and Spicy Bean recipe

  • angelagozalez249 says:

    Looks so good.

  • Kosama says:

    Soups and salads can help you to lose weight

  • londonerhic says:

    hım that’s a good idea

  • JoanOfArcBeans says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! It looks healthy, filling and

  • ame7272 says:

    WOW, someone finally said Cumin the way i know it 🙂 I am Egyptian and i
    live in the US,and i love cooking, when i start asking about Cumin people
    used to say to me, “What??”…:) i felt embarrassed and stopped looking for
    it till in i learned how to say it lol Great salad by the way, and your
    food is healthy. thank you and have a great day 🙂

  • nursepeachy says:

    looks great, trying it tonight!

  • amesguy515 says:

    I just use italian dressing.

  • dkhluv85 says:

    @RecipeCook we pronounce it “Kum-moon” here; I’m from Kuwait 🙂


    seniora le falto limon (lime)

  • MyBMBeans says:

    Tex-Mex style bean salad! Spicy, healthy, and delicious what’s not to love!

  • rodrigo18r says:

    amazing, i will def make this.

  • AboutEating says:

    Is that Silence of the Lambs?

  • YorozuyaNeesan2010 says:

    This looks really yummy and great for summer, when you don’t always want a
    hot meal. Thanks for this ^^

  • BestFruitNow says:

    This is one of my favorite recipes!

  • 7obeQatar says:

    hi we don’t have red wine vingar or white wine vingar what can i use instead

  • ritah2108 says:

    First, you can divide it in half – go to taste. Make the dressing and don’t
    dress the salad until you’re ready to eat it. You can dress as little or as
    much as you want. The dressing keeps up to a couple weeks; the salad sans
    the dressing at least 4-5 days.

  • sscheibs says:

    Jarthome, my whole family, including kids, love this recipe, bell peppers
    and all. I agree, it all depends upon what types of food you regularly
    offer your children.

  • dreamwolves6 says:

    thank you I’m going to give this a whirl

  • Anna Noga says:

    wygląda smakowicie

  • Rik Mad Drag TV says:

    loved this!

  • YorozuyaNeesan2010 says:

    ha ha with the awful weather we have right now, I might have to make some
    and pretend too lol ^^

  • JENNYtheINSANEteen says:


  • researchfiend says:

    Good video. I think first cold press is different than extra virgin.
    According to Paul Pitchford of Healing with Whole Foods, extra virgin means
    a certain grade of olive oil was used and it can be the ones that are over
    ripe. Extra virgin is less important than first cold press. Quality olive
    oil will note on the label “first cold press”. I also recommend getting
    unfiltered olive oil for health benefits.

  • WIGANDSW0RD says:

    Be sure to use WHOLE UNPROCESSED BEANS because Canned Beans contain
    immune-system lowering Toxins absorbed from the metal interior of the Can.
    Soak your beans overnight and then cook in pressure cooker for ten minutes.
    Allow pressure to release naturally afterwards, do not open the cooker yet!
    In regular pot (not pressure cooker) cooking takes 2 hrs. so cook a supply
    for the whole week ahead of time! Peace. 🙂

  • AboutEating says:

    I had extra salad greens and instead of putting this in a bowl, I put it on
    a platter on top of the greens. Even better!